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1307 Followers! Wow you like us you really like us!

Now if only each and everyone of you bought a copy of our books.. we could probably make our OWN robot boys and girl figures.

No joke. 

That being said you guys REALLY like RoboBoi there.  I mean REALLY like him.  MOre so than any time we’ve posted the girl toys from same group in the past.  

Hmm maybe we can sneak a page of him in in the book before it closes up.

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Looks like the creator of those Robo girls is back but this time with a Boy Robo. 

If I didn’t try to maintain some sense of shame and dignity I would definitely have this on my desk.

NO SHAME.  Put the damn thing on your damn desk.

Totally Put him on your desk and Spit shine that sucker! 

Oh and for those of you again asking hes from BUT their website is down (probably due a huge influx of new fans thanks to us >.> )
but you can check out their twitter! its still up.

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So got afew questions about the Roboi, and the Robot Girls I talked about briefly before.  So here they are.  They are made by Daibadi which also known as Dimension Diver.  They tend to make Very Hipp Tastic Robot girls and even a Megaman Kits for Conventions.  Sometimes they get permission to do VERY LIMITED runs officially of established characters. 

Though it looks like they are now breaking out into doing their own Robo’s.   I’m not sure they ship directly outside of America yet though:

No we have no connection to them, this isn’t a plug, just giving out info…   Though if that “Tresure” Webcomic gets off the ground with AVP and Atryl sometime next year… I hope they get a figure of the lead robo made from Daibadi group.

reblogging this as a daily reminder to myself to buy every single one of them

Good luck!   We hope to get some too.  (maybe even make our own figure too one day)…